Site Surveys & Security System Analyses

Independant analysis of your new or established project site's security measures and procedures.  An objective identification of vulnerabilities and risk exposure will be provided with comprehensive recommendations for enhanced mitigation measures.

Vulnerability Analyses

From an excellent value for money assessment of your physical, technical and organisational security measures to an in depth analysis of your risk exposure. 

Protective Security Risk Analyses

Detailed analysis of personal risk based on public profile, lifestyle, business activities and much more.  Especially recommended for persons subject to situationally increased risks or in the event of a specific threat.

Integrated Security Concepts

The various risks that companies are exposed to are becoming increasingly complex.  The planning of an effective integrated security concept to protect personnel, assets and data is the first step in mitigating existing and emergent risks.  Realistic and feasible measures according to the client's individual context will be presented following a comprehensive analysis and their implementation will be monitored step for step.

Protective Security Concepts & the Recruitment of Qualified Personnel

A protective security concept that is to be effective over the long term must combine the actual level of risk the principal is exposed to and their wishes with regards minimising disruptions to their lifestyle.

Following a comprehensive risk analysis the recommended measures will be discussed with the client and their family in order to ensure the optimum mutually acceptable solution.

A good working relationship between the principal and their close protection personnel is key to avoiding misunderstanding and ensuring the best level of protection.  Selection criteria will be agreed in advance and personnel will be personaly introduced prior to deployment.  Regular meetings to discuss the level of risk and requisite protective measures are also an essential part of the concept.